Get Ready for the Summer Rise In Distracted 2021 Driving Crashes

We suffer from “Summer Amnesia.” Many have forgotten what adjustments are needed for safe summer driving.  NHTSA data- 2019-20 40.1 Billion miles driven reduction; 7% increase in fatal crash deaths. Increase in pedestrians, motorcyclists and young drivers killed. Many autopsies reveal concomitant use of opiods, alcohol &/or marijuana  Use of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana surging according to national  survey in WSJ (5/9). About half of those killed not wearing seat belts. Not-so-smart phones major problem, Too may of us have become addicted to cell phones. Crash every 8 seconds; death every 15 minutes.

Michigan more crash deaths than New York.

By design, we are being held captive by Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.

We need to throw off these shackles and go back to traditional forms of communication like face-to-face discussions. Can you drive without using the phone? Take the “NO TEXTING” pledge on this website. MI Police say texting worst problem related to crashes.

Stay at Home Directive

As we are asked to stay put, both traffic and crashes have been reduced by 50% but the incidence of speeding has increased dramatically according to MI State Police. So be wary when you do drive because tailgaters will rapidly be upon you. Speed can be a killer. July 4 holiday traffic may be unreal since many travelers will not want to fly.

Stay safe, don’t speed and please refrain from using phone when driving.


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July 6 FADD display at Gilmore Car Museum- Snap On tools sponsors silent auction-leads to major donation to continue our activities

5% drop in 2018 MI crash fatalities but 7% increase in deaths due to Distracted Driving

April Distracted Driving Awareness Month


STOW THE PHONE!! Michigan #1 USA in winter crash deaths.

TV interview after Governor’s speech on  2/13/19 WLN.

WLN News Story

2019 was busy year for FADD. You can see listing of presentations, meetings, displays at Speaker Availability tab. Unfortunately driver behaviors have not improved according to police. Crash deaths & injuries continue and may be accelerated by use of recreational marijuana. Colorado 1st state to approve recreational use reported 66% increase in fatal crash victims blood tests and their youths #1 in country-55% above national level. Michigan beats NY in crash death numbers. We have had healthy start for Operation Teen Driver and hope to accelerate efforts in 2020.

We need your help to continue and expand our activities next year. 2020 Donations are tax deductible. January will begin our sixth year as only local  nonprofit dedicated to reducing deaths, injuries & economic losses due to Distracted Driving.

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Thanks you & please have safe & enjoyable 2020..

Starting the Conversation

Older drivers are often at greater risk of injury or death in a crash, yet nearly 83% report never speaking to a family member or physician about their safe driving ability, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. AAA urges seniors to begin planning for “driving retirement” at the same time they begin planning for retirement from work. With more focus, this could help reduce the more than 200,000 drivers ages 65 and older who were injured in a crash in 2016, and the more than 3,500 who were killed. Take a look at the research and get tips from AAA so you are prepared to have this discussion with the older drivers in your life.