A Message from our FADD President

Dear Friends,

As we are fortunate to celebrate the coming of summer weather, too many will become victims due to distracted driving. Police report big increase in ROAD RAGE & AGGRESSIVE ACTIONS-don’t allow other drivers to impact on your behaviors. Texting is really big killer! MI #1 State -Winter crash DEATHS> Highest TEEN death rate Memorial—Labor Day

Michigan State Police 12-month data reports a 7% increase in crash fatalities despite a huge drop in miles driven. Drivers are moving at higher speeds and are often more aggressive. With SUMMER weather approaching, FADD activities try to encourage changes in driving habits take on even greater importance.

Stop TEXTING...The life you save may be your own!

We will continue and hopefully increase interaction with all driver groups from teens thru seniors. Let us know if you have a group to suggest. Please go to our website www, fadd.info

We cannot accomplish our mission without your support. All donations are tax-deductible-receipts provided. There is a convenient link on this website, should you care to make a donation.

Thanks for your consideration and please enjoy a SAFE SUMMER DRIVING SEASON!

Sincerely,Marv Berkowitz, Pres.Fathers Against Distracted Driving (FADD)


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