Speaker Availability

FADD speakers are available to present & discuss Distracted Driving with all groups including but not limited to: College &High Schools, Civic, Social, Senior & Religious groups.

2019 Activities & Presentations

1/17/19 Fundraising meeting One Place-Kalamazoo

2/13/19 TV Interview with Aaron Jordan WLNSLN News -Lansing

2/19/19- 3 presentations  EFE Law Enforcement Program-Kalamazoo Police Dept/KRESA at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

2/26-7/19- 4 class presentations Loy Norrix High School

3/22/19  Met with Linda Fetch, Director Teen & Senior Driving Programs MI State Police

4/17/19  Attended Think Fast Initiative for Juniors/Seniors Portage Northern H.S.

5/8/19  Presentation to Portage Rotary Club

5/29/19 Senior Health & Fitness Day Exhibit at Kalamazoo YMCA

6/5/19 Presentation to Kalamazoo Kiwanis Club

6/11/19 Presented FADD Appreciation certificate to Isaac Moss Loy Norrix H.S. for completing project Operation Teen Driver. Isaac secured 25 peers to sign NO TEXTING PLEDGE while driving.

6/17/19 Presented FADD Appreciation certificate to Samantha Collison Schoolcraft H.S. for completing Operation Teen Driver–secured 25 peers to sign No Texting Pledge.

6/24/19 Presentation & discussion with 3rd year medical clerks at WMU Medical School

6/29/19 Served as volunteer instructor Teen Street Survival program at Tire Rack South Bend; each teen has personal coach for an entire day-2 classroom & 2 track sessions. Largest Teen Defensive Driving program in USA.

7/6/19 FADD Exhibit at 8th annual Deutsche Marques Car Show at Gilmore Car Museum. In addition to display, we conducted silent auction of donated Snap-On tools. About 400 cars participated.. Largest German Car Show in country

7/8/19 Presentation to senior driver group- OLLI/WMU

2018 Activities & Presentations

1/10/18 Update to MBCA Board

1/11/18 Meeting with VP Kalamazoo Community Foundation

1/17/18  Meeting with OLLI staff re; 2018 programs

1/19/18 Discussion with Portage City Manager & Police Chief-re;FADD activities & city support

2/2/18 Meeting Nurse Trauma Group-Bronson Hospital

3/5/18 Presentation-Youth Advisory Board Both Portage High Schools

3/21/16 Presentation to 3rd year Surgical Clerks WMed School

3/29/18 Talk to Kalamazoo Optimist Club

4/18/18 Attend One Place session on producing videos to promote message

6/16/18 Discussions at-MBCA Car & Coffee-Sweetwaters Plainwell

7/7/18  Display & Silent Auction at Gilmore Car Museum-

7/16/18 WMU-OLLI Course on Distracted Driving & How to Maintain Driving Fitness As We Age.

8/4/18  Display and Presentation at Hayes/MBCA Fun Concours car show

9/17/18 Meeting with MI State Trooper Fitzpatrick to initiate cooperative Operation Teen Program

9/26/18 Radio Interview with Scotty Bud Melvin WZUU

10/16/19 Meeting with Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission- MI State Police-Lansing

12/6/18 Meeting with Kalamazoo HS Principals re; Operation Teen Driver

12/10/18 Presentation at Crossroads Village to Senior drivers

12/14/18 Display Hackett Catholic High School


1/25/17 Met with Richard White, Portage Police Chief re; joint projects

2/4/17 Essay on Texting Virus appears on MLive

2/10/17 Presentation to Ambassador student group at Phoenix H.S.

2/21/17 Presentation to ASIS –SW MI (Corporate Security Specialists)

6/7/17 Presentation/discussion 3rd year class-WMU Medical School

7/8/17 Display at Gilmore Car Museum

8/12/17 Display & presentation at Hayes Dealership Kalamazoo

8/30/17 Presentation & discussion to 3rd year (surgical) WMU Medical School

9/27/17 Met with Steve Kiefer, GM Senior VP re; Distracted Driving

10/11/17 Met with Portage Police Chief, Nick Armold to set up partnership to confront distracted driving

10/13/17 Presentation to Sunrise Kiwanis Club

10/20/17 Interview-Lori Moore Show, WWMT CW7

11/4/17 Presentation at MBCA Holiday Party

11/6/17 Presentation/Discussion WMU Osher Lifetime learning Institute

11/15/17 Presentation/discussion with last section,surgical clerks at WMU Med School

12/10/17 Presentation at  Congregation of Moses-Kalamazoo
Activities 2016

Recent presentations 11/11/16 to 5 classes at Kalamazoo Central High School.
11/12/16 – Western MI Section, Mercedes Benz Club of America

11/13/16 Interview WWMT Channel 3- Jessica Harthorn

11/13/16 Live Interview on WWMT-TV + recording for later news shows
12/14/16 Presentation to Kalamazoo Kiwanis Club
12/27/16 Interview-Lori Moore Show CW7

If you are interested in having a speaker for your group or organization, please scroll down & “Leave A Reply.”

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