Speaker Activity & Availability

FADD speakers are available to present & discuss Distracted Driving with all groups including but not limited to: Colleges & High Schools, Civic, Social, Senior, Fraternal & Religious groups. Virtual group meetings also available at this time. Call 269-323-9578 or email–faddmail@gmail.com

2023 Activities & Presentations

7/8/23 Theatre presentation at GCMuseum

7/08/23 Display & Silent Auction @ Gilmore Car Museum

5/31/23 FADD exhibit at Kazoo YMCA

1/14/23 Met with YMCA management to begin planning for several group presentations in 2023.

1/17/23 GTSAC Governor’s Action team meeting re 2023 plans

12/22 Met with mgt. GCM to discuss preentations 2023 at the Museum.

2022 Activities & Presentations

7/9/22 FULL DAY DISPLAY & SILENT AUCTION OF SNAP-ON TOOLS-35 drivers take Pledge “NO texting while driving.”

6/2/22 Meeting at GCM to finalize deatils for 10th annual DeutschMarques event

5/12/22 Presentation MBCA at Garage Kept Motors

1/26/22 Live presentation on Distracted Driving to Portage Rotary Club

1/18/22 Virtual meeting GTSAC Governors’ DD Action Team.

1/18/22 Deutsche Marques Board meeting (Virtual) focused on 10th annual show at Gilmore Car Museum.

2021 Activites & Presentations

12/14/21 Live presentation on Distracted Driving to Kalamazoo Rotary Club

10/25/21 Virtual meeting with State Rep. Christine Morse to discuss supporting & expanding FADD activities.

10/9/21 “Take the Pledge” Display at Gilmore Car Museum “OctoberFest.” (NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING)

10/19/21 GTSAC Governors’ Action team meeting

7/20/21 Attended virtual Governor’s Advisory Group (GTSAC) meeting on Distracted Driving.

7/10/21 Major FADD display at 9th annual DM Car Show at Gilmore Car Museum; about 500 cars displayed; Attendees offered opportunity to “Take Pledge Not To Text While Driving.”

5/1/21 Attend MBCA Cub meeting at Hayes Mercedes dealership

4/29/21 Virtual presentation & discussion Portage YMCA

4/22/21 ZOOM meeting DeutscheMarques Board to plan July meeting

4/20/21 GTSAC Distracted Driving Action Team virtual meeting-April DD month.

3/1/21-Virtual presentation & discussion with MIchigan Porsche Club.

2/18/21- Attended virtual meeting Governor’s Transportation Safety Action Committee (GTSAC). Discussed status of “Hands Free” Bill. April Nat”l Distracted Driver Month;Operation Ghost Rider to be again implemented. DD Awareness program radio, Billboards for 2021.

1/12/21-Virtual presentation to MBCA

2020 Activities & Presentations

9/11/20 Virtual Presentation Distracted Driving-DeutscheMarques Board

7/16/20 Radio Interview WMUK

6/13/20 FADD Update to MBCA Board

5/25/20 Provided short, specific Power Point presentation for virtual meetings on “Safe Summer Driving” for use by teachers to students at the 3 Kalamazoo High Schools

5/19/20 Virtual meeting Nkenge Bergan, Director of Student Services, Kalamazoo Public Schools. We will develop Virtual Safe Driving program for teachers to use with selected student groups. I will be invited participant.

2/14/20 Presentation/discussion OLLI-WMU

2/12/20 Talk & discussion Emerita (retired Professors), WMU

2/11/20 Meeting on Distracted Driving with Portage City Mgr.Joseph La Margo, Deputy City Mgr. Adam Herringa, Police Chief Nicholas Armold re;cooperative activities

2/7/20 Did Studio video recording on “How To Maintain Driving Fitness As We Age.”

2/5/20 Presentation to both Sophomore & Senior classes at Hackett Catholic Prep HS

1/16/20 MBCA Board Meeting

1/17/20 attended End-of-Year Traffic Safety Legal Update and Overview of Michigan’s Current Marijuana Laws

1/20/20 Meeting with state rep. Brandt Iden re; Distracted Driving legislation

2019 Activities & Presentations

1/17/19 Fundraising meeting One Place-Kalamazoo

2/13/19 TV Interview with Aaron Jordan WLNSLN News -Lansing

2/19/19- 3 presentations  EFE Law Enforcement Program-Kalamazoo Police Dept/KRESA at Kalamazoo Valley Community College

2/26-7/19- 4 class presentations Loy Norrix High School

3/22/19  Met with Linda Fetch, Director Teen & Senior Driving Programs MI State Police

4/17/19  Attended Think Fast Initiative for Juniors/Seniors Portage Northern H.S.

5/8/19  Presentation to Portage Rotary Club

5/29/19 Senior Health & Fitness Day Exhibit at Kalamazoo YMCA

6/5/19 Presentation to Kalamazoo Kiwanis Club

6/11/19 Presented FADD Appreciation certificate to Isaac Moss Loy Norrix H.S. for completing project Operation Teen Driver. Isaac secured 25 peers to sign NO TEXTING PLEDGE while driving. Award presentation covered by TV station WWMT & played that night on TV.

6/17/19 Presented FADD Appreciation certificate to Samantha Collison Schoolcraft H.S. for completing Operation Teen Driver–secured 25 peers to sign No Texting Pledge.

6/24/19 Presentation & discussion with 3rd year medical clerks at WMU Medical School

6/29/19 Served as volunteer instructor Teen Street Survival program at Tire Rack South Bend; each teen has personal coach for an entire day-2 classroom & 2 track sessions. Largest Teen Defensive Driving program in USA.

7/6/19 FADD Exhibit at 8th annual Deutsche Marques Car Show at Gilmore Car Museum. In addition to display, we conducted silent auction of donated Snap-On tools. About 400 cars participated.. Largest German Car Show in country

7/8/19 Presentation to senior driver group- OLLI/WMU

10/15/19 Participated as member in Governor’s Distracted Driving Committee meeting with MI State Police-Lansing

10/17/19 Met with police officer Brannon Pierman at Portage Northern H.S. to discuss implementation of Operation Teen Driver at school.

10/24/19 Gave 2 health classes distracted driving presentation Loy Norrix H.S.

10/29/19  2 more presentations & discussions with classes at Loy Norrix.

10/30/19  Presentation to Kalamazoo AMBUCS members

11/6/19 Presentation/discussion Youth Advancement Academy

11/20/19 Presentation to local group, ASIS -national security organization

12/13/19 Visit to Portage Northern HS re; Winter Driving Tips

2018 Activities & Presentations

1/10/18 Update to MBCA Board

1/11/18 Meeting with VP Kalamazoo Community Foundation

1/17/18  Meeting with OLLI staff re; 2018 programs

1/19/18 Discussion with Portage City Manager & Police Chief-re;FADD activities & city support

2/2/18 Meeting Nurse Trauma Group-Bronson Hospital

3/5/18 Presentation-Youth Advisory Board Both Portage High Schools

3/21/18 Presentation to 3rd year Surgical Clerks WMed School

3/29/18 Talk to Kalamazoo Optimist Club

4/18/18 Attend One Place session on producing videos to promote message

6/16/18 Discussions at-MBCA Car & Coffee-Sweetwaters Plainwell

7/7/18  Display & Silent Auction at Gilmore Car Museum-

7/16/18 WMU-OLLI Course on Distracted Driving & How to Maintain Driving Fitness As We Age.

8/4/18  Display and Presentation at Hayes/MBCA Fun Concours car show

9/17/18 Meeting with MI State Trooper Fitzpatrick to initiate cooperative Operation Teen Program

9/26/18 Radio Interview with Scotty Bud Melvin WZUU

10/16/18 Meeting with Governor’s Traffic Safety Advisory Commission- MI State Police-Lansing

12/6/18 Meeting with Kalamazoo HS Principals re; Operation Teen Driver

12/10/18 Presentation at Crossroads Village to Senior drivers

12/14/18 Display Hackett Catholic High School


1/25/17 Met with Richard White, Portage Police Chief re; joint projects

2/4/17 Essay on Texting Virus appears on MLive

2/10/17 Presentation to Ambassador student group at Phoenix H.S.

2/21/17 Presentation to ASIS –SW MI (Corporate Security Specialists)

6/7/17 Presentation/discussion 3rd year class-WMU Medical School

7/8/17 Display at Gilmore Car Museum

8/12/17 Display & presentation at Hayes Dealership Kalamazoo

8/30/17 Presentation & discussion to 3rd year (surgical) WMU Medical School

9/27/17 Met with Steve Kiefer, GM Senior VP re; Distracted Driving

10/11/17 Met with Portage Police Chief, Nick Armold to set up partnership to confront distracted driving

10/13/17 Presentation to Sunrise Kiwanis Club

10/20/17 Interview-Lori Moore Show, WWMT CW7

11/4/17 Presentation at MBCA Holiday Party

11/6/17 Presentation/Discussion WMU Osher Lifetime learning Institute

11/15/17 Presentation/discussion with last section,surgical clerks at WMU Med School

12/10/17 Presentation at  Congregation of Moses-Kalamazoo
Activities 2016

Recent presentations 11/11/16 to 5 classes at Kalamazoo Central High School.
11/12/16 – Western MI Section, Mercedes Benz Club of America

11/13/16 Interview WWMT Channel 3- Jessica Harthorn

11/13/16 Live Interview on WWMT-TV + recording for later news shows
12/14/16 Presentation to Kalamazoo Kiwanis Club
12/27/16 Interview-Lori Moore Show CW7

If you are interested in having a speaker for your group or organization, please scroll down & “Leave A Reply.”

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