Schools To Tackle Addiction

“A French law is set to bar cellphone use by primary and middle school students, an effort to cut down on distractions in class and encourage play or reading during recess.” WSJ 8/13/18

Maybe good idea for all schools, all grades.


Silent Auction a Success

Thanks to an extremely generous donation from Snap-on, the DeutscheMarques silent auction raised $1,200 to help continue our efforts to reduce crashes & deaths due to Distracted Driving. Thank you, Mike Holden & Snap-on!

Get Ready for the Winter Rise In Distracted Driving Crashes

We suffer from “Winter Amnesia.” Many have forgotten what adjustments are needed for safe winter driving. Go to Winter Driving tab. 2017 second consecutive year over 40,000 crash deaths. Increase in pedestrians, motorcyclists and young drivers killed. Many autopsies reveal concomitant use of opiods, alcohol &/or marijuana¬† Use of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana surging according to national¬† survey in WSJ (5/9). About half of those killed not wearing seat belts. Not-so-smart phones major problem, Too may of us have become addicted to cell phones. Crash every 8 seconds; death every 15 minutes.

Michigan more crash deaths than New York.

By design, we are being held captive by Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.

We need to throw off these shackles and go back to traditional forms of communication like face-to-face discussions.