Pledge Takers

Montana Thommes

Erica E.

Jaden Crump


Kurt Ellenberger

Mary (took OLLI Course)

David Staiger

Matt Lewis – I am a sprint employee, I love staying connected to my friends and family as much as anyone. At the same time, while I am driving I think it is important to refrain from texting, chatting, anything that would distract me from the road ahead. I echo a comment before me, no text is as important as life!

Keevin J. O’Neill – Principal, Vicksburg H.S.

Tyler Lewis – I have worked in the cell phone industry for many years. I strongly encourage every driver with a phone to stay safe while behind the wheel and put the phone down. The text can wait. Nothing is as important as life.
-Tyler, Kalamazoo Sprint store

Mason Feller

Jay Donaldson

Jim Luikens

Nancy Lausch

Noah Chapple

D. Chapple

Therese Housing

Mike Roelhan

Jadynn Glowinski

Alexa Young

Kevin Boris

Rob Lando

Nicolas Richard

Mike Vanderven

Natalie Maalouf

Cara Maalouf

Ed McMullin

Bill Chapple

Jerry Arens

Karsen Ford

John Lacko

Trevor Miller

Wolfgang Bors 


Richard B. Brown

Diana L. Swope

Paul J. Swope

Ted Vogt

Earl Norman

Sheralee Hurwitz

Ken Goodman

Erica Blalock

Chief Eric West Vicksburg Police Department

Carrie Klein, Kalamazoo County Chief Assistant Prosecutor- I promise to do my part to keep our roads safer for everyone.

F/Lt. Dale Hinz, Michigan State Police

Chief Bryan Campbell Schoolcraft Police Department

Jacob Hurwitz

Scott McLean, MD- I pledge never to text while driving! Thank you FADD for your public service!

Erv Lichterman- I don’t text ever. Driving is a full time job.

Aaron Applebey- I am taking this pledge because it is vital to understand that texting or playing on your phone while driving is extremely dangerous. Teenagers my age are getting into accidents due to distracted driving. It’s ridiculous. Just put the phone down. So, I as a student of Portage Northern pledge that I will never take place in distracted driving. Thank you FADD.

Robert Parmegiani- A worthy organization founded by a dedicated Dad. No one should be driving while using any electronic device. If drinking and driving is wrong, how can texting and driving be any better. Instill these values into every member of your family.

Lauren Schwartz– I pledge to always be careful and conscious of my surroundings while on the roads knowing that I am responsible not only for my safety, but that of others as well.

Philip Gestwicki– Great info and cause, Marv! As a motorcycle enthusiast for 20 years, I personally have watched the transformation of distracted driving go from bad to worse. Keep up the good fight!

Marv– With over one million accidents annually due to texting, it is most reasonable and rational to take the pledge.

Wilhelm– As the driver of the Atrophy/Hobocon Rally Team and supporter of FADD, I have seen the results of distracted driving on and off the track. Most of the time a driver will get away with a moment of distraction, most of the time. It only takes a moment though; on the track a moment of distraction usually only affects the car as the driver is fully protected in a crash. A public road is another story though. That moment of distraction will cost you your car, self injury, injury to your passengers and injury to those around you. I took the pledge to drive distraction free before there was a pledge because of this on more then one occasion I have saved myself and my car form other distracted drivers. So please take the pledge, if not for others but to protect yourself.