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I am Taking The Pledge “No Texting While Driving.”

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16 thoughts on “Take the Pledge

  1. I have worked in the cell phone industry for many years. I strongly encourage every driver with a phone to stay safe while behind the wheel and put the phone down. The text can wait. Nothing is as important as life.
    Kalamazoo Sprint store

  2. I pledge not only to “not text and drive,” but also to avoid other distractions for two reasons:
    1. I walk the dog twice a day on Kalamazoo County roads and must constantly be on guard because many of the drivers we encounter are talking or texting on their phones and often don’t see us until the last minute, when they suddenly swerve to avoid us.
    2. My niece was recently struck by a car in a school parking lot. It was dark, and she had on a high-visibility white jacket. The driver did not see her because she had not cleaned the frost from her windshield and was looking for the defroster and wiper controls. She could not see out the window, yet she drove.

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