Safe Summer Driving Reminder

Longtime YMCA of Greater Kalamazoo member and Fathers Against Distracted Driving founder Marvin Berkowitz has an important safety reminder about safe summer driving.

During summer, we see more motorcyclists and bicyclists, more pedestrians, and more young drivers suffer fatalities, and higher usage of drugs and alcohol in drivers involved in crashes. Please remember to stay alert, stay off your phones, wear your seatbelt, and call a friend or Uber or Lyft if you shouldn’t be behind the wheel.

We want our roads safe #ForAll!

Get Ready for the Summer Rise In Distracted 2021 Driving Crashes

We suffer from “Summer Amnesia.” Many have forgotten what adjustments are needed for safe summer driving.  NHTSA data- 2019-20 40.1 Billion miles driven reduction; 7% increase in fatal crash deaths. Increase in pedestrians, motorcyclists and young drivers killed. Many autopsies reveal concomitant use of opiods, alcohol &/or marijuana  Use of cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana surging according to national  survey in WSJ (5/9). About half of those killed not wearing seat belts. Not-so-smart phones major problem, Too may of us have become addicted to cell phones. Crash every 8 seconds; death every 15 minutes.

Michigan more crash deaths than New York.

By design, we are being held captive by Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Twitter, etc.

We need to throw off these shackles and go back to traditional forms of communication like face-to-face discussions. Can you drive without using the phone? Take the “NO TEXTING” pledge on this website. MI Police say texting worst problem related to crashes.


Fadd has a new YouTube channel on it, we will be featuring videos from our presentations and interviews. You can subscribe to the channel here: FADD YouTube

A video called “Senior Stretches” is available on You Tube. It’s 15 minutes that I do in bed every morning to start the day.

Stay at Home,Wear Mask, Avoid Crowds Directives?

As we are asked to stay put, both traffic and crashes have been reduced by 50% but the incidence of speeding has increased dramatically according to MI State Police. 11% increase 2021 crash deaths. So be wary when you do drive because tailgaters will rapidly be upon you. Speed can be a killer. Fall traffic may be unreal since many travelers will not want to fly.

Stay safe, don’t speed and please refrain from using phone when driving. The life you save may be your own.