Tv Appearance

Recently we were invited to appear on a local informational/ events show to help spread our message. We had a great time & were well received.

To see the interview follow the link.

Lori Moore Show




MI State Police data for 2016 show: 312,172 crashes; 980 fatalities; 57,964 injuries

60% of non-injury & 30% of injury crashes not reported

Winter Fundraiser- Help Us Get Message Out

We are having a Winter fundraiser!   Crash rates double in Winter.In 2019 we have reached audiences of about 1400 drivers from teens thru seniors. Three TV interviews –Presented 3 times at new WMU Med School, 2 Kiwanis Clubs, WMU OLLI for 50+ drivers  and several high schools. Please help us continue our mission and also to expand our activities.
Please  donate and don’t forget, all donations are tax deductible.

Small Successes 

We were recently hosted by Orrin B. Hayes and the Mercedes Benz Club of West Michigan as the designated charity for the 13th Annual Fun Concours.

During the event we had 26 people sign the pledge to not text while driving. We also received a number of donations to support our cause. Thanks to everyone who took the pledge and for the donations.

Please follow this link to see our president addressing the car show participants. Car show address

Apples new approach to safe driving

Apple is taking a new approach. It wants to stop drivers from texting in the first place by hanging a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” sign on their iPhone’s iOS 11. It would allow a driver to mute text messages without having to turn the phone off. The screen will go black. The technology, which was announced in June, is now available.
Read about it Here

Current Distracted Driving Stats

Evidence of distracted driving escalate. So many drivers are texting, talking, emailing, playing games, taking selfies on cell phones, eating, drinking, smoking, grooming, etc. The use of alcohol, with or without concomitant drug use, remains a major challenge. Speed limits, traffic lights, stop or yield signs have, to some become suggestions. Speeding, tailgating & failure to signal turns are common occurrences. Budgetary constraints place limits upon law enforcement—this also underscores need for attitude change. NHTSA data indicates that 40,200 Americans died in 2016, 40,100 in 2017 due to vehicular crashes plus about 2 million serious injuries & huge economic losses. This in spite of more than 20% of vehicles sold in 2017 were equipped with new safety features (Advanced Driver Assist Systems) To give this situation some perspective, approximately 6,800 US soldiers have died fighting in Iraq & Afghanistan combined over sixteen years.Consumer Reports, October 2013 says; “According to NHTSA, there were more than 3,000 traffic deaths involving distracted drivers in 2011, and 387,000 people were injured. But many experts think that these figures are both under reported & escalating. About 60% of non-injury crashes go unreported. Officers at an accident scene may have little or no evidence about whether a distraction contributed to the crash. And many police departments don’t record the use of cell phones or other causes of distracted driving in their accident reports. The National Safety Council says that “ at least 23% of all traffic crashes—or at least 1.3 million crashes—involve cell phone uses per year,” and that “ at least 100,000 additional crashes can be related to drivers who are texting.” We are having a mounting epidemic. State Farm study of 1000 drivers 18-29 found 64% reported talking on hand held phone;58% reported sending text; 48% browsed internet. NSC data-teens 16-19 more likely to be in fatal crash-2 million crashes 1st year of driving. Half of all teens will be involved in a car crash before graduating high school–2014-16 Greatest 2 year crash death increase in over half-century. Those under age 21 account for 6.6% of drivers & 21% of serious crashes. Of top 20 industrialized nations, US ranks #1 in crash rates per 100,000 miles driven. AAA driver survey shows that more than 50% admit to texting, speeding, or going thru red light in last 30 days. Vehicle insurance rates are to no surprise, increasing.