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WWMT 3 Interview  (12/13/16


Lori Moore Show (12/27/16


New Book

Distracted driving is characterized by texting, talking, reading, sending emails, and taking selfies has reached epidemic level on our roads and highways. The CDC reports that the U.S. had the highest crash rate compared with 19 other industrialized countries. Fatal crashes were up 9% thru June (693 in MI).

Aggressive driving also on increase. For many drivers, tailgating speed limits, stop and yield signs have become just suggestions instead of the rule. Also increasing are pedestrian, bike, and motorcycle crashes. WHO estimates that there are over 1,000,000 deaths per year, globally due to distracted and aggressive driving. Driver habits and attitudes have to change to reduce the carnage we are experiencing.
This book provides a comprehensive overview with some ideas to help solve the problem.

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Winter Driving

Are you ready for winter driving? MI #1 State for winter crash deaths.

Activate your DO NOT DISTURB Smartphone APP now. Callers & Texters will get message you are driving and will contact them when safe.

DD’s mission statement is: ‘Change the driving habits of Americans to significantly reduce vehicular related fatalities, injuries & economic losses.’ You can learn more about FADD on this website.

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